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P & H Company’s roots go way back, celebrating 39 years and four generations.
Our Family started as the first cutable linear lighting company in the United States.
We partnered with the manufacturer in Taiwan and formed a family. Working together we held several patents with our world famous incandescent Flex A Lite, so to no surprise, you will still find our newest version known as Ultra Bright Flex A Lite, in our newest catalog.
P & H Company established a reputation second-to-none for its high-quality products in decorative and task lighting, and we now carry a wide range of LED products for Commercial and Consumer friendly use.
Over the last decade P & H Company has quickly become known for the most innovative and energy efficient line of LED products such as: LED Flood Lights, Wall Packs, Parking Lot Lighting, LED Highbays, Ground and Pole Lighting, and Commercial Retrofit Street Light Bulbs, just to name a few. Naturally, linear lighting will always be a part of our business; it’s where we started.
P & H Company and our family, would like to thank all of our Customers for allowing us to serve your lighting needs for the past 39 years. We look forward to continued growth, and building new relationships for years to come.
Antoinette V. Rubin
Antoinette V. Rubin President/CEO

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